Charming 3-star Hotel, Central Paris.

In the heart of the Marais near the Pompidou Centre, Notre Dame and Les Halles.

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Welcome to Paris,
Hôtel Beaubourg

Come to us for a romantic weekend, a family holiday, or for the three days of the Fashion Week, you will be charmed by the quiet and refined luxury of the Hotel Beaubourg which combines tradition and modernity. We offer impeccable service and a personal welcome, absolute peace at the heart of a lively area. Unique rooms with old beams, a cosy decor, and WiFi, provide a welcoming atmosphere and modern facilities. This is a chic hotel open to...
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What remains when everything has already been photographed? When decades of photographic recordings seem to have exhausted all subjects, all imaginable set-ups and all possible angles? What remains when reality itself seems extenuated by dint of being duplicated? Photography itself is what remains. The Centre Pompidou has decided to exhibit the results of these questionings through nearly eighty works and documents, covering the entire history of photography and the work of key figures in modern and contemporary art. Ever since the avant-gardes, artists have been exploring the medium of photography, trying to understand its specific character. "The essence of the modern spirit," wrote the American critic Clement Greenberg, "is defined by the use of characteristic methods of a discipline to criticise the discipline itself, not in order to subvert it but in order to entrench it more firmly in its area of competence." The artists of Pop ar(...)


From 4 March 2015 to 1st June 2015, from 11h00 to 21h00

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Hôtel Beaubourg

11 rue Simon Lefranc - 75004 PARIS
Tel. : +33 1 42 74 34 24 - Fax : +33 1 42 78 68 11 -
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